Minggu, Agustus 10, 2008

The Costumes for Celebrating Hallowen

For their children, most parents will find it easy to create Halloween Costumes. For time ago, seamstresses and tailors are used to making clothing based on a picture given to them. Halloween costumes wouldn't be any different other than explaining what this strange outfit is going to be worn for! Clip a picture from a magazine, craft book, pattern book or web site and take it to your seamstress, along with the material. Presto, in a few days or weeks, our kids will be outfitted and ready to party.

But now we not necessarily again strain after to tailor because Hallowen costumes sold many online. Wely only require to choose, costume be like what do we wish. Most costume depict the bad devil figure, but meagrely changes design, the costumes shall no longger seen dreadful. Even sometime we meet sexy costumes and beautiful devil. Or a gallant pirate.

In Indonesia where the place of I remain, culture concerning Hallowen the unknown, but there is one local culture looking like with Hallowen. A Halloween-like religious/cultural event in Indonesia is Nyepi, which is celebrated by Hindus in Bali. The night before Nyepi, the Hindu New Year, Balinese leave their homes and make a lot of noise all through the neighborhood and community, to scare away the evil spirits. The next day, Nyepi, Balinese must stay inside their homes, not doing any work, cooking or making any noise that would invite the spirits into their home. So, if an Indonesian friend asks you to explain Halloween, you may find it easier to point out the similarities with Nyepi than to describe how the pagan origins of this holiday turned into the candy-seeking, costume-wearing party that it is nowadays.

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