Selasa, Desember 09, 2008

Leader of Provider of Infrastructure Management Software

Since internet defined and used by public at year 80th, people start to develop making software to support internet technology. When information technology expand considerably, growth of making software also very fast. And now we can witness thousands of software just created every day. Company of creator software more and more. Sofware which they yield a lot get popularitas very high, but nor a few software the is unknown to society. Microsoft property of Bill Gates become one of the most company of creator software recognized with his product so called Windows. 8 consumer of computer from 10 consumer of computer use Windows as their operating system. Microsoft also open the relation work with the smallerness company software maker so that they can expand in the middle of emulation of business software where very tight. Greeting of One company is Enzim.

Ensim Corporation is a leading provider of infrastructure management software for the enterprise and service provider industries. Ensim products are used to enable integrated solutions that secure, simplify, and automate complex environments and increase IT department and user productivity. They are the best for Active Directory Management. Together with Microsoft, Ensim co-developed and co-markets Ensim Unify and now boast over 1,000,000 users. Their Active Directory Tools is one of the best ever have. They also develop exchange tools. Ensim Unify provides advanced out of the box functionality in an extensible SOA framework that overlays existing infrastructure and supports legacy environments and configurations. If you wish more evidence, please visit their website. What you have to do only click at the link in this post.

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