Kamis, Juni 02, 2011

Boston Weather is Extreme in Tornado Threat

Boston Weather is now happening is one of the worst weather disturbance that ever existed in Boston. The National Weather Service has issued a tornado watch for much of the East Coast, including Philadelphia, New York and Boston. The area affected by the watch extends from Maine to Pennsylvania.

The June 1, 2011 Boston weather forecast indicates strong thunderstorms are approaching southern New England, including Providence, Rhode Island, and Boston, Massachusetts.

The National Weather Service has advised that conditions are favorable not only for tornadoes, but also for severe thunderstorms that may include dangerous lightning, large hail up to 2 inches in diameter, and wind gusts of 70mph.

In Massachusetts, a flood advisory has also been issued for the following counties: Franklin, Hampden, Hampshire and Worcester. In addition, a tornado has just been reported in Springfield, MA. This story is still developing. Boston weather news was quoted from many source today.

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Very Extreme,Tornado..wow

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Maybe that is one of the effects of climate change..

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very scary..

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