Jumat, November 07, 2008

I Don't Know, Does Nouveau Riche Scam ?

This time circulating many statement of so called someone Dean which feel to recognize the collegiate Nouveau Riche and express that Nouveau Riche Scam. Dean statement have many review by blogger. Following statement Dean, "as preface, I joined NRU by purchasing the “Regent’s” package, I went to the “college”, I tried to recruit, I have analyzed the Investor’s Concierge deals, I went to the briefings, I have heard the likes of Piccolo, Snyder, Cheri Tree, Kecia and all the other NRU hacks speak, and I’ve met and talked to many NRU “students”. So please don’t tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about. Here is my assessment of NRU. I have tried my best to be fair. For those of you familiar with NRU, this outline follows the “EPIC” presentation some of you may have been subject to".

He also conclude from 27 poin the argument he wake up that Nouveau Riche Scam. I cite also his statement, "NRU is a marketing business that encourages and monetarily incentivizes its members to use high-pressure sales tactics to sell a highly expensive real estate “education” package with questionable value to unsophisticated people with the lure of quick money and unlimited riches in real estate. Success in NRU is highly dependent on (1) a booming real estate market and/or (2) a unique talent in sales and marketing. What makes NRU so insidious is that it plays on the fear and greed of ordinary people, often friends and family, most of whom will go bankrupt by following NRU investment strategies during a severe and sustained real estate down turn such as the one we are experiencing now, and most of whom will fail in selling the tuition package because they lack the sales and marketing expertise, which is further exacerbated by a declining real estate market. Taken as whole, NRU may be perfectly legal, but many people will feel like they were cheated out of thousands of dollars by someone they trusted. If after reading this, you are still interested then by all means sign up. But just be prepared to live with it if at some point you find yourself either financially bankrupt, morally bankrupt, or even worse, both."

But is also statement Spike giving the other argument concerning truth of Nouveau Riche. Spike says: "This guy Dean is pretty amazing. He has gone around to nearly every blog that has any positive mention and copied and pasted his thesis again and again and again, for over a year. Or perhaps someone else has taken the original and is reproducing it over and over.

Anyone who disputes his post is labeled an “NRUTroll”

Here is my challenge to “Dean” Who are you? We know who Jim Piccolo is, for better and worse. We can look him in the eye and punch him in the nose if we feel compelled to. But who is “Dean”? Where does he live? Where does he work? How is he making his millions?"

From debate of two persons above I cannot conclude, " Is Nouveau Riche Scam ?"

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Dean mengatakan...

I'm just a regular guy, I work in real estate finance and I have a legal background. I haven't made any millions and probably won't, but I can tell you after losing $8,000 on NRU I am much better at sniffing out scams. Thanks for reading!