Jumat, November 07, 2008

Successful Story of Collegiate from Nouveau Riche

Last some years we are surprised with stories successfulness of collegiate from Nouveau Riche. We become progressively sure because article concerning successfulness Nouveau Riche we can get easily in all the world by using various language version. Names of collegiate Nouveau Riche are people who have ever been famous of his successfulness be like Suze Orman, Tom Hopkins, Sharon L.L. Lechter, Stephen R.R. Covey and many more. Even if we will see long list of their collegiate are successful in THE BILLIONAIRES 1991 which still we can see in http://money.cnn.com we will progressively sure concerning their successfulness. In this article I wish to show three testimonial people who have ever been successful after joining forces with Nouveau Riche.

ARLENE KRAMER, now acquired property with 100% financing, received $2500 at closing for a lease option tenant, and has an exit strategy of $45K. She converse concerning Nouveau Riche like this, “..the Concierge™ found the property for me…with just a click of a mouse, there it is!... they also found the mortgage company… they found my lease option tenant… they did all the work and we were able to close in our own living room!”. DARRYL WORTHAM, went from "zero knowledge" before Nouveau Riche, to owning 3 properties in 3 months through the Investor Concierge. He increased personal net worth by at least $50,000. He said, “...within 30 days of joining Nouveau Riche I clicked to purchase a property with $400 positive cash flow...it was a great experience!". Another collegiate, CHERI TREE, obtained first property through the Investor Concierge with no money down; had $32K equity and received $1300 back at closing. She very enthusiastic to concerning about Nouveau Riche, “…the Investor Concierge™ has changed my life…my properties through the Concierge™ have $130K roughly in equity… and it has given me the confidence to go out and do some deals on my own…”. If you wish to get the more complete information, please visit the website at http://nouveaurized.com.

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